Baking gives you a feeling of belonging somewhere, of being cozy at home. It's a way to share not only food but also a precious moment with family, friends, or a partner. Baked goods always bring a smile to one's face, making them the perfect gift for your loved ones. The smell of fresh baked goods makes your worries go away, even if it's just for a bite or two.

Buns&Bites is a small baking business specializing in cinnamon buns. The menu offers vegan and non-vegan buns, various toppings, and uniquely shaped buns. The smell of fresh cinnamon and sugar will take you to a winter wonderland, and the delicious buns are guaranteed to make your stomach happy!

Sustainability played a big part when creating the branding guidelines for Buns&Bites. 

Packaging boxes are made in the Czech Republic from recyclable cardboard. For all printed materials ('Thank You' cards, stickers, business cards, etc.), recycled paper was used, and each customer received a wooden, compostable fork!
For holidays and special days of the year, such as birthdays, Buns&Bites offered custom packaging for our customers. 
For example, each customer received a rose upon delivery for Valentine's Day, a few heart-shaped Buns&Bites stickers, and a special pink 'Thank You' card.

The buns were also specially decorated with chocolate hearts.
Photo 1 & 2: Photos from our customers showing the Valentine's Day buns order with a rose and a pink 'Thank You' custom card.
Photo 3,4 & 5: Custom Buns&Bites birthday boxes, made to order. Special thank you to Adam, Molly, Laurel, their friends/family and all of our customers.
The primary marketing tool was Instagram - all posts and stories were cohesive with the help of our pre-defined color palette, typography, and style of photography.
Simple animations were used to improve the brand positioning, reach a wider audience and gain interest from potential future clients. The 2D animations (left and right vertical posts) were created in Adobe XD and the frame-by-frame animation (middle square post) was created using Adobe Photoshop.
Before launching the e-shop, a short promotional video animation was created in Adobe After Effects, showcasing Buns&Bites' e-shop website. 
Every 'Thank You' card was customized by writing the customer's name on the card, and it was deeply appreciated according to their responses!
Collection of customer reviews (photo's and video's).
Art Direction: Iman Delic
Advertising Photography: Jón Karel Sedney
Branding & Identity: Iman Delic
Web Design: Iman Delic
Motion Graphics: Iman Delic
Social media marketing: Iman Delic
Packaging Design: Iman Delic

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